We Provide the Best technology and new patented concepts

Reliable, proven solutions that meet international industry practices and standards

Welcome To Aethercoin

We Are Making The Best Cryptocurrency For You

Our team is ready to act as a Leader to solve any issues related to the development and implementation of the project. At the same time, we understand the peculiarities of the processes of large corporations and are able to coordinate technical solutions with your internal departments and processes.
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We are in the cryptocurrency market since the start

We have a high number of skilled developers that are capable of developing an elite cryptocurrency.

Experienced Team

We have experience in every field, developing mining and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Digital Marketing

Our team has high skills in SEO, SEA and regular advertising.

Grow Together

As Aethercoin grows so does Aether Corp and visa versa.

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Coorperate level cryptocurrency

We Do Business For You

  1. Aether BNB
  2. Aether Car Rentals 
  3. Aether Construction
  4. Organic Wine

A feeless alternative to Airbnb and Homeaway. Participants outside of Aether Corp will have to buy a Aethercoin to join.

You can rent a car here for a very competitive price in the region! 

Aether Construction focusses on building new buildings, and specialized rooftops. Aether Construction also holds some very good patents.

We have a very tasty patented organic wine in the Bahamas, as it is the second tourist destination in the world we think this will be a big hit.

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Compare us to top cryptocurrencies


Main net performance
5000 TPS
21 nodes
buy back and burn
backed by real estate


Main net performance
40 TPS
1600 nodes
buy back and burn
backed by real estate

We aim to expand world wide

Our global ambition will include revenue producing real estate and agriculture.

Aethercoin is ready for the Future

This project is made for the good of the future of  mankind so our children can enjoy a censorship free world join us!