We are building a 4th generation blockchain that includes a decentralized exchange Featuring over 40 cryptocurrencies with margin options
Decentralized Wallet Decentralized storage of all the traded cryptocurrencies on the Aether Exchange
High Transaction Speed Over 1,000,000 TPS using 4th generation blockchain technology
Financial Freedom Due the decentralized exchange and wallets no one can touch your funds

The Typhon System

Next-level decentralization

The Typhon system will be a long-awaited innovation in the cryptocurrency world. With the Typhon system, Aether will decentralize the storage of Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies on the Aether Exchange. You can directly withdraw your cryptocurrencies from the decentralized wallet on the Aether exchange, without limits.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer, Jan Biere is the founder of Aethercoin. He will be occupied with overseeing the technical development of the cryptocurrency with the development team and he is also responsible for public relations. Jan Biere is skilled in Economics, software development and hardware technology.

Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer, Alex Soek is in charge of the online marketing campaign and is responsible for the Webdesign. Alex is skilled in Marketing and Analysis.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer, Martijn Brouwer is responsible for the Asset Management, Market Research and Analysis. Martijn is skilled in Economics and Finance.

World Wide Scalability

Extreme transaction speeds

Aether will not have the scalability bottleneck that Bitcoin and Ethereum currently have. Aether can be scaled to infinity by improving the hardware on the nodes. The network can reach a speed over 1.000.000 transactions per second. In the future, the Aether network can host multiple complex websites like Google and Facebook next to the decentralized exchange.

Windows Wallet

Click on the link to download the wallet.   aethercoin-qt-pc

Linux Wallet

Click on the link to download the wallet.   aethercoin-Qt-linux

Mac wallet

Click on the link to download the wallet.    aethercoin-qt-mac


Q4 2017 - Start development Aethercoin


Researching the feasibility and finding the right programmers.
Q1 2018 - Creating the first Chimera coin and start marketing campaign


We will start creating the X13 PoS coin for the Chimera system and ICO. The marketing campaign has started.
Q2 2018 - Completion of first Chimera coin


The Completion of the first Chimera X13 PoS coin.
Q3 2018 - Continuing development second Chimera coin


Continuing Development second Chimera DPoS coin.
Q3 2018 - Start ICO


The ICO will start on the 7th of July 2018.
Q4 2018 - Applying for major exchanges


We will contact multiple exchanges to list Aethercoin.
Q1 2019 - Completion of the second Chimera coin


The coin Aether will be ready and the mainnet will be live.
Q1 2019 - End ICO


The ICO will end on the 7th of Febuary 2019.
Q2 2019 - Completion decentralized wallet


The decentralized storage of the 40 cryptocurrencies will be completed.
Q2 2019 - Start second marketing campaign


The second marketing campaign will start.
Q3 2019 - Completion and launch exchange


Completion and launch of the exchange.